Poor Posture

Millions of North Carolina residents are suffering from poor posture as a result of overuse of their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Millions of others suffer with poor posture as a result of accidents or injuries that were never properly addressed. Even everyday driving, sitting, or sleeping habits – as well as gravity – can start to misalign the spine in due time.

North Carolina chiropractor and founder of Graybar Chiropractic in Wilmington, Wallace, and Clinton, Dr. Michael Graybar, has been an advocate for postural correction for over a decade. He has even spoken at various Chiropractic and Orthopedic conferences about the importance of postural correction, and it adverse health effects for years.

There is an old saying, “your posture is the window to your health”, and chiropractors who specialize in postural correction such as Dr. Michael Graybar can attest to the importance of that statement.

You see, poor posture isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it’s a health crisis. Just because you have gotten accustomed to it, doesn’t mean your body isn’t feeling its effects from the inside.

Most North Carolina residents are living with pain, discomfort, fatigue, or disease right now. Most are either popping over-the-counter or prescription drugs just to keep the symptoms under control. Others are already contemplating risky surgery or invasive procedures, while a vast majority are doing something much more dangerous: ignoring their pain and discomfort.

Why do we say that the posture is the window to your health? Because poor posture means that the delicate nerves that flow from your brain, down the spinal column, and into your limbs and organs are being stretched thin. If you have forward head posture, that means the nerves in your neck are being stretched. If you have mid back postural issues, that means the nerves that flow to your heart, lungs, and stomach are being stretched, and so forth.

Imagine you stretching out a rubber band. What happens to it? It becomes thinner and thinner until it eventually breaks. Imagine your nerves being pulled thin as a result of poor posture. What do you think will happen to the nerve energy that is supposed to flow through it, and end up helping your lung, heart, vision, circulation, digestion, or reproductive organs. It will obviously diminish, right?

Let’s put it this way. Vital nerve energy from the brain is what is keeping you alive. It’s responsible for maintaining correct function and healing of your organs, and for every movement of your limbs. If this nerve energy cannot fully reach its intended organ or limb, the body will go into a state of pain, discomfort, fatigue, or even disease.

Regular chiropractic care is great at addressing localized misalignments. You go into your chiropractor’s office, and they adjust your neck or back allowing nerve energy to flow fully and freely throughout the body.

However, corrective care chiropractors such as Dr Michael Graybar specialize in Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP. This technique is only practiced by less that 1% of chiropractors worldwide. It is the most researched, published, scientific, and results-oriented technique in all of the chiropractic profession.

Chiropractic BioPhysics aims to “correct” spinal misalignments or postural deformities, and by doing so, relieving and lifting pressure off the delicate nerves that have been responsible for your pain, discomfort, fatigue, and organ dysfunction.

With corrective exercises, mirror image traction, and special adjustments, Dr. Michael Graybar and his team of chiropractors at Graybar Chiropractic can not only get patients out of immediate pain and discomfort, but more impotently devise a custom rehabilitation program to get the spine back into alignment and therefore improve health and function across the board.

Listen, it took years for your posture to become misaligned like this. It will take a good 3-6 months of intensive work to get the posture to correct itself. By the way, spinal correction through the Chiropractic BioPhysics technique is NON-INTRUSIVE, SAFE, and definitely PAIN FREE.

Chiropractic patients at our Wallace, Wilmington, and Clinton offices have reported that correcting their spine feels more like an amazing chiropractic adjustment combined with a great stretch, that leads to immediate pain relief, an amazing quality of life, and improved overall health that they can sense and measure.

If you or a loved one is truly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, or if you are experiencing pain, mobility issues, or your wellness is no longer in sight, we can help. Contact any of our three North Carolina offices for a consultation to see if you qualify for corrective chiropractic care.