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I have been practicing as a licensed chiropractor in North Carolina since 1995. In my almost 30 years in practice, I hear the same question over and over from patients:

  1. Why now?
  2. What did I do?

Why would you need a chiropractor now?

There is a definitive progression from an injury, to a condition, that then produces symptoms. Injuries are attributed the 3 T’s: Trauma, Thoughts (stress) and Toxins.  These 3 T’s ultimately weaken our bodies, leading to unhealthy conditions and eventually to symptoms.

A very common occurrence is a fall (Trauma) producing low back pain.  A fall compresses our spinal interverbal discs typically resulting in acute muscle spasm. This spasm stems from a muscular imbalance. These spasms will typically resolve in 3-5 days, but the Trauma creates a subluxation.

A SUBLUXATION is a misalignment of the vertebrae that affects the central nervous system, accelerating the disc and joint damage at the corresponding level. As the muscular symptoms reduce, many patients believe the injury has improved, but without correction of the SUBLUXATION, the degeneration process will proceed without resistance without the patient’s attention as the symptoms have subsided.

This leads to the WHY NOW: Because the condition was never properly diagnosed and received the appropriate treatment, it simply becomes a matter of time before the real injury begs attention.  And since time has passed, the now degenerative spinal condition requires more effort to solve.

What did I do? Knowing patient’s history for proper chiropractic care

Patients, until they are asked to travel down memory lane, often fail to remember the life events that initiated their journey to our office. It’s why a detailed patient history is so important.  Until they grasp how long ago the root problem occurred, it’s hard to understand the path to solve their health dilemma.

Patients routinely take blame of their pain, but I like to inspire them to put forth the effort to learn from the past and rally for a stronger YOU. I believe after almost 30 years in practice that our best days are in front of us, and Health requires great choices every day, not only when the need arises.

Our practice has changed so much in the past 10 years. When I began practicing in 1995 my focus was to reduce and stabilize the pain patterns that patients presented with. Today almost 30 years later, I now am inspired by a quote from 100 years ago by the man considered the “Developer” of Chiropractic:

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease”. B.J. Palmer

Our focus at Graybar Chiropractic is to advance the visionary quote from Dr. Palmer to grant our patients the gift of the preservation of their health.

Dr. Michael Graybar
Graybar Chiropractic & Rehab