By: Dr. Maryann Luxeder
Graybar Chiropractic


Chiropractor examining his patient back in medical officeWhat is passion?  By definition, it is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Many people say, “find the thing you are passionate about and you never go to work”.  I love being a chiropractor and I am passionate about how chiropractic can help so many get healthy and stay healthy that I want to share it with everyone.

Many people seek out a chiropractor to relieve pain, at least that is why I first sought it. When it was first suggested that I go to a chiropractor I thought the person was nuts, to be honest.  Go to a chiropractor?? That was insane.  Didn’t they know that chiropractors barely go to school?  At least that’s what  I was taught in college by my Physical Therapist Assistant instructor back in 1982. She went on and on about how Chiropractors were not “real doctors’ ‘, but instead are “wanna-be doctors’ ‘.  “Chiropractors are the ones that couldn’t get into medical school and as a last ditch effort decided to go to chiropractic school instead”, she boldly stated.

Little did I know at the time, but Chiropractors spend 17% more hours in the classroom based on their curriculum, including more time with Anatomy and Orthopedics.  For Neurology and X-ray radiology, Chiropractors spend almost 300% more time studying these subjects than medical doctors.

When I woke up the next morning with the same pain, I chose a different path.  I went to work and asked, “Which chiropractor should I go to?” The doctor I chose is the reason I became a chiropractor.

During an appointment I asked “What else could chiropractic help?” and that is when I learned what chiropractic can “really” do.? His response is one I still tell my patients today. He said, “If it is connected to the nervous system, it is a chiropractic problem first before it ever becomes a medical problem.” I looked at him and said, “that is the entire body”.  He said yes it is.  “If the nervous system controls your entire body and something is wrong then you need to fix the nervous system to clear out the problem”.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with that information.  So I sat on it. Then one day it dawned on me that my health was better, I wasn’t sick like everyone else.  So I asked him about that and he explained the connection between the immune system and the nervous system.  Now he really had my attention.

Chiropractor applying posture control and shoulder brace to male chiropractic patient


After several months of doing my own research, I approached him about how to become a chiropractor.  From that moment on I knew what I had to do. My passion was ignited.  In order to get accepted into chiropractic college I had to go back and complete my pre-med education, while still working, taking one class at a time.  I even started volunteering in my mentor’s office to continue to learn before I enrolled at Palmer Chiropractic College, the oldest chiropractic school in the world.

Imagine doing all that work just to ONLY relieve someone’s back pain? No. Chiropractic is bigger than that. Pain is what brings someone into the office as it did me but it was the understanding of how the body functions and how to take care of it that keeps you going if you want a healthy body. If you want a healthy body you have to have a healthy nervous system. If you want a healthy nervous system you have to have a healthy spine.  It’s as simple as that.

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