Six Bad Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Spinal Health

Adults these days are extremely concerned with their health and well-being. There is still one thing that gets overlooked in today’s world: spine health! The maintenance of your spine’s health is important to living an active, capable, and comfortable life. Unfortunately, there are a variety of methods to jeopardize the integrity of your spine, many of which happen by accident. Read on to learn about six bad habits that may be damaging your spinal health if you want to safeguard your longevity and well-being.

You’re exercising incorrectly.

Exercise is considered to be beneficial and restorative to the body. There are many various methods of exercise, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Aerobic exercises such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, and rowing are examples for some people. Others may prefer anaerobic exercises like weight lifting, circuit training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Pilates, and yoga. It’s critical to exercise correctly no matter which sort of activity you pick.

What is exercising correctly?

Stretching and warming up should always follow every exercise, not pushing the body beyond its capacity, and ensuring that before every workout, you stretch and warm up correctly.

Unfortunately, injuries are very common during workouts. Injuries can happen at the start of a workout, during it, and after it has ended. These might include muscle sprains and strains as well as muscular tears, knee and back problems, and spinal subluxation.

Many of the injuries that occur during physical activity are not recognized as such. You may endure it because you believe it is only normal discomfort, or because you think it’s a little incident that will heal on its own. People frequently push through pain and suffering (caused by accidents) because they don’t want to lose their exercise progress.

You don’t stretch in the morning or before bed.

Did you know that it’s critical to stretch any time your body is going through a shift in activity or preparing for a new movement or posture? Stretching isn’t only good for your muscles. It’s also important for the ligaments, joints, and tendons in your body! Stretching before bed can help you avoid injury and guarantee that you get a good night’s sleep.

It is also important to stretch when you get out of bed. Your body won’t have the best possible opportunity to engage with the world physically if you don’t stretch it in the morning. Stretching in bed or right after getting up allows your joints to return to their most optimal position. Stretching helps to warm up your muscles, elongate ligaments and tendons, and help the body adapt to a variety of motions and activities.

Whether you’re a desk jockey, spend the majority of your time standing and moving, or an athlete, stretching between activity changes is one of the most important ways to maintain your body’s health.

You spend a lot of time sitting.

Your body may not like sitting for too long. Sitting isn’t the most natural posture for your body’s best alignment of bones and joints, especially when you sit in a chair. If you spend a lot of time sitting, consider investing in a more comfortable sitting arrangement to support your body as much as possible. Some people feel most at ease while working from an office with an exercise ball as a seat or special chairs with a rocking base that aim to induce the natural center of gravity for balance.

When you sit for extended periods of time, it becomes more and more difficult for your body to maintain an upright posture. The center of the body’s gravity is pushed off-center by sitting, and because most people aren’t trained to realign their posture and retain spine alignment while they sit, sitting might over force the spine out of alignment.

The backrest and the sitting posture put strain on the spine’s joints and the pelvis. To compensate for this stress, individuals are prone to lean forward or hunch their shoulders. Unfortunately, this counter-balance technique makes sitting damaging over time.

You spend a lot of time standing/moving.

Do you spend a lot of time standing and walking around? If this is the case, your spine may be suffering. When the body is upright, gravity’s downward-pushing pressure is at its peak. The force of gravity that pushes the body straight down toward the earth while standing has the potential to be quite damaging to the spine. Gravity can compress joints, causing spinal misalignment and nerve irritation.

When misaligned joints compress adjacent nerves, nerve interference occurs. Nerves’ functioning can be curtailed when they are compressed. This might cause numbness and tingling in the extremities, mental cloudiness and tiredness, lethargy, and a slew of other undesirable symptoms in the body.

You have an unaddressed spinal injury.

Have you ever fallen, been in a vehicle accident (even if it was minor), or had injuries as a child? Unaddressed spinal injuries can be caused by any of these things.

The spine is easily harmed during events in which the body absorbs shock or impact. This is a very common occurrence in today’s society, and many individuals are unaware that they have been injured. Inflammation, discomfort, and accelerated deterioration of the spinal joints are all possible consequences of spine injuries.

You have unaddressed spinal misalignment.

Have you had any of these symptoms before: back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain? It’s possible that you have undiagnosed spinal misalignment. Spinal misalignment (subluxation) is a common condition that affects lots of individuals each year. It’s not difficult to displace joints in the spine, and even minor misalignments in single regions of the spine may produce significant symptoms, making daily existence unpleasant or uncomfortable.

The easiest approach to assess whether or not your spine is out of alignment is to visit our office and get a thorough, all-inclusive evaluation. We make certain that every client receives a complete examination that targets their particular spine’s health at Graybar Chiropractic in Wilmington, Wallace, and Clinton, North Carolina.

With a thorough understanding of your spine’s status, we may craft a customized program to help you reach your greatest possible health. This might include correcting spinal misalignment, treating tense or strained muscles, tendons, and tissues, or working on regions where nerve interference is causing other symptoms such as stomach discomfort.

If you’re ready to start receiving chiropractic therapy’s many advantages, contact us now to get started.