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The doctors at Graybar Chiropractic and Rehabilitation utilize an instrument called the Pro-Adjuster to perform chiropractic treatment in the office. Not only do we utilize the gift of touch through palpation but we are also able to use FDA approved technology to analysis and adjust the spine for subluxations (spinal misalignments), causing nerve impingement syndrome. The Pro-Adjuster has enabled us to achieve fantastic results from children that are only days to weeks old, to patients that are approaching the twilight of their life. For whatever age we are treating, the Pro-Adjuster is fast, effective and gentle and can be utilized to help improve your function and most importantly your life.

How Does the Pro-Adjuster Work?

When one of the doctors at Graybar Chiropractic palpates your spine, we are checking for joint fluidity, motion and or rigidity. If we find a joint or series of joints that are not functioning or moving properly, you could possibly have a segment or segments of your spine causing a subluxation putting undue stress and pressure on that particular joint. Left uncorrected over time, it can lead to spinal degeneration eventually causing symptoms, i.e. muscle spasm, decrease range of motion, swelling, or numbness and tingling. The Pro-Adjuster can determine whether the vertebra’s motion is too rigid or too fluid to determine if and where a problem is located. The spine should not be too rigid (hypo-mobile), the result of a subluxation. However, instead of utilizing the doctor’s judgment as to what areas are hyper-mobile or hypo-mobile, the Pro-Adjuster measures precise levels of motion. Therefore, the Pro-Adjuster can isolate a problem area accurately and quickly.

Once we isolate the problem area of the spine or extremity, we will then use the technology to determine which segments to adjust to restore mobility and motion to improve your function. The instrument utilizes a precise oscillating tapping force with uninterrupted motion until the machine automatically shuts off when it senses that the segment being adjusted is moving more freely. It is able to increase the mobility by reducing or enabling motion to the abnormal areas determined by the Pro-Adjuster analysis. Think of it as using a jack hammer to break open concrete. The thicker the concrete is the harder and longer it takes to break through. The same goes for the spine. If you have had a subluxation or spinal misalignment for a number of years it will take some extra effort to restore motion back to that segment of the spine.

Many of our patients have been to other chiropractors in the past and had forceful, manual adjustments. The beauty of the Pro-Adjuster is that you will never get forceful, manual adjustments here unless you prefer it. With this technology, there is no “twisting, cracking, popping or turning.” You get the results you desire in a precise, comfortable, and effective fashion.

It’s never too late to improve your health and well-being. Our patients who have been analyzed and treated with the Pro-Adjuster are realizing the benefits of taking care of their spines as they progress towards a wellness revolution and lifestyle. Ask us how you can get on that same path today using the FDA cleared technology of the Pro-Adjuster.

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We have helped our patients with:

• Back and Neck Pain
• Headache / Migraines
• Scoliosis
• Postural Deformities
• Shoulder Pain
• Fatigue
• Trouble Sleeping
• Low Metabolism
• Allergies
• High Blood Pressure
• Acid Reflux / GERD
• Asthma
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Disc Herniation

I love to work in my garden and the pain in my neck and low back was preventing me from enjoying the outdoors. I decided to call Dr. Luxeder at Graybar Chiropractic. She explained how the cause of my pain was coming from my spine. She showed me how the computerized ProAdjuster would help without twisting and turning my neck or back. I am amazed at how much better I feel in such a short time and I am enjoying playing ball with my grandson. Don’t let pain stop you from doing the things you love. Call today and make an appointment with Dr. Luxeder.

J. Griffin

Relief from the pain in my lower back, neck, knees and headaches did not seem possible, until I became a patient of Dr. Luxeder at Graybar Chiropractic in October 2008. Like many adults in their 40’s injuries from my youth, broken bones, working, etc. had finally caught up with me and pain was just a part of everyday life. In the short amount of time that I’ve been treated by Dr. Luxeder, my neck pain and headaches are gone, my knees don’t go out and my back is now only on occasion. She mapped out a plan to relieve my pain which includes the ProAdjuster, and its working! I highly recommend a “spinal check-up” to everyone at Graybar Chiropractic in Clinton.

L. Moore

Newport Beach Chiropractic BioPHysics Certified Doctor

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