How Safe Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

Visiting a chiropractor can be beneficial for you in many cases as chiropractic treatments can help you overcome some of your symptoms- or even all of them! However, when it comes to one of the most common treatment options, chiropractic adjustments, there is a question that pops up quite frequently: how safe are chiropractic adjustments?

One of the reasons why many people would like to get an answer to this question is because they have seen some videos on YouTube about someone undergoing chiropractic adjustment with lots of loud cracks, or they have read about other people’s bad experiences.

If you are one of those who have concerns about the safety of this treatment, keep reading.

What are those cracking and popping noises?

Chiropractors use spine adjustments to physically adjust the patient’s vertebrae with the goal of restoring alignment and mobility. During the treatment, very often patients can hear cracking or popping noises that they may find quite scary. However, you should know that these noises are completely normal. When chiropractors stretch the joint tissues as part of the treatment, the tiny pockets of air found in the joint fluid can “pop” and release. This is why you may hear the cracking/popping noises.

Thus, if you were worried about the “cracking”, you have nothing to be afraid of. Besides, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), spinal manipulation is considered relatively safe. However, it seems that the key to safety can be found in selecting a trained and licensed health practitioner. For this reason, consider finding a properly trained chiropractor who can safely use this treatment to address your health issues. Most likely, the best choice you can make is to see a chiropractor who is certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). CBP is a rigorously tested, evidence-based protocol that can help chiropractors provide even better, long-lasting results for their patients.

Whether you are suffering from headaches, back pain, or neck pain, spine adjustments can be beneficial for your symptoms. Plus, chiropractic care is one of the safest alternatives to classic treatments, like surgery and medications, for pain-related health issues.

What About the Risks?

When it comes to the risks, some side effects may occur during or after the treatment. Most often, these are only mild and short-term effects that go away on their own. For example, patients may experience symptoms like aching, soreness, fatigue, or nausea.

Fortunately, serious side effects are quite rare- and yet these bad experiences can often make their way to the news. Amongst these side effects, we can find vertebral artery dissection, spine damage, and acute pain. Since in most cases, the serious side effects are associated with an existing health issue, they can be avoided by selecting a reliable chiropractor. A well-trained chiropractor can determine whether spine adjustments are appropriate for you.

The Bottom Line

Although there are some risks, spinal manipulation is a safe, drug-free treatment alternative for various common health issues. Chiropractors focus on holistic results that last. Thus, when undergoing any kind of chiropractic treatment you can expect enhanced overall health.

Consider finding a CBP-certified chiropractor who can help you unlock your health potential by adjusting your spine safely. In Wilmington, Wallace, and Clinton, NC, Dr. Michael Graybar and his team are ready to address your health issues. Don’t hesitate to give Graybar Chiropractic a call today and schedule an appointment. The whole team is CBP-certified, so you would certainly be in good hands at this clinic!