Most people aren’t aware of the wide variety of conditions that chiropractic can treat, but once they find out, there’s always one common question: “How?!” We’ve all seen or heard about chiropractic adjustments and manual manipulations, but most people don’t realize the mechanics behind the treatments, and how they can revolutionize your health. If you’re ready to discover how chiropractic care may help you, read on to discover what techniques your team of chiropractors at our three Graybar Chiropractic & Rehab locations use to help you feel your best!

A chiropractic adjustment can revolutionize your entire body’s function.

A chiropractic adjustment is a type of chiropractic treatment that involves joint manipulation using the hands. The spine is the most well-known application of this technique, which can be utilized on all parts of the body. To do a chiropractic adjustment, your Wallace, North Carolina chiropractor must have a thorough knowledge of human anatomy. This implies that a comprehensive examination is required to establish where there’s an imbalance in the body.

After you’ve had your complete consultation to establish the alignment of your body, your chiropractor will apply pressure to the exterior of the body in specific locations to stimulate and guide joint movement.

Why might I want a chiropractic adjustment?

Spinal realignment is the most commonly known benefit of chiropractic adjustment. The spine is the central hub of the nervous system, so any misalignment can result in a range of issues throughout the body, including inexplicable headaches and aches, digestive problems, and reduced bodily function.

The nervous system regulates both conscious and unconscious bodily processes, so it’s no surprise that when nerves are inhibited by misaligned joints, the consequent lack of regulation can lead to other physical problems.

A chiropractor can help to increase nerve energy flow by correcting the misalignment in the spine, which a chiropractic spinal alignment may effectively assist with. This implies chronic headaches and migraines can be relieved, digestive issues can be resolved or improved, pain and discomfort vanish, and more vitality and vitality flow throughout the body.

You may receive manual manipulation – especially for sports injury recovery.

Another method that chiropractors may use to give hands-on treatment to regions of your body that are misaligned or in need of attention is manual manipulation. Although spinal adjustment is classified as manual manipulation, it does not have the same effects and advantages.

Your certified chiropractor in Clinton, NC will use manual manipulation to ease strained muscles, lightly move and release tendons, ligaments, and joints, and invigorate the nervous system. This process may feel similar to massage; however, keep in mind that your Clinton chiropractor has been trained extensively in anatomy and how the nervous system works. Thus, a chiropractor’s manual manipulation will have a different goal than someone who only treats one body system at a time, such as a massage therapist or physical therapist.

Pain Relief in Wilmington, NC

Chiropractic treatment can help to treat a number of imbalances and diseases, depending on the type of chiropractic service you’re receiving. Our chiropractors at Graybar Chiropractic & Rehab are aware of which types of therapies are most effective for your specific conditions and circumstances, so be sure to inform them if you’re experiencing any symptoms. You’ll get the best care possible if you talk openly with your chiropractor about your concerns.

Back Pain

Chiropractic therapy is recognized to effectively treat back pain, one of the most prevalent neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractic treatment provides the tools to restore the spine, which can help people feel better and avoid future injuries. Pain may be reduced or even eliminated when the spine is fixed.

Neck Pain

Neck pain often occurs when the muscles, tendons, joints, or nerves in the cervical spine are strained. Chiropractic care can be an effective way to reduce or eliminate neck pain by addressing the source of the problem. Our chiropractors will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically for you to help relieve your discomfort and improve your overall well-being.

Digestive Problems

Did you know that chiropractic treatment may be used to treat the digestive system? The enteric nervous system, which controls digestion, is one of the seven nerve systems in the body. Chiropractic can aid in the alleviation or cure of digestive issues such as constipation, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), acid reflux, nausea, diarrhea, and other conditions.

Headaches & Migraines

If you’ve been told that you’ll likely have to suffer from migraines and headaches for the rest of your life, relying on pain medication to relieve your discomfort, we have good news: chiropractic care can often provide significant relief. Chiropractic can correct the alignment of the joints in the neck and back, which can create chronic headaches and migraines when misaligned.


Scoliosis is a term used to describe the abnormal curvature of the spine. Scoliosis may produce both visible and uncomfortable abnormalities in posture. Chiropractic treatment can help cure scoliosis, even though it does not always move the spine back toward normal alignment.

Forward Head Posture (Text Neck)

Forward head posture is one of the most common postural deformities to affect people of all ages today. This is because of technology. The prolonged binge-watching of the TV, craning the neck over cell phones, spending time in front of gaming devices and computers, and hunching over to play with iPads can negatively affect the cervical spine, which is located in the neck. This poor posture can lead to headaches, migraines, tension, lethargy, and visibly poor posture.

North Carolina Chiropractic for You and Your Loved Ones

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