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Low Back Pain?
Decompression Therapy Can Help

VAX-D can relieve the pain associated with bulging and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome and radicular (nerve root) pain. Patients can avoid the merry-go-round of drugs and non-specific treatments. Results from all of the independent sources (hospitals, private clinics, clinical studies) show levels of success in the range of 7 or more out of 10 people and with more than 3000 patients a day now receiving VAX-D therapy in the US. A recent two year study conducted in 2008 sponsored by one of the nations leading insurance companies demonstrated positive short and long-term results with VAX-D. Patients had significantly improved pain and disability scores at the end of VAX-D treatment, at 30 days and at 180 days post-treatment. Considering the success of VAX-D one can easily see why VAX-D is the standard of excellence for the best professional sports figures including those in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Olympic athletes and more.

Our clinics offer 3 different VAX-D programs based upon the severity of disc type injury, prior medical history and prognosis for complete recovery. Patient care is usually daily for the first week followed by 3 sessions per week until the condition stabilizes. The total number of treatments may vary depending upon the severity of the condition and the response to the treatment. A typical session is about 45 minutes in duration after which patients will receive passive modalities to assist in tissue healing and spinal disc regeneration. Patients find the treatment to be comfortable and relaxing (see VAX-D low back testimonies). Many experience a relief of their pain and symptoms even during the first treatment.

Patients are fitted with a pelvic harness and can either lie face-down or face-up on the VAX-D table. The upper body is positioned on the stationary portion of the table and is restrained by the patient holding on to adjustable handgrips, or by the use of passive arm-rest restraints. The VAX-D computer will adjust the tension and position to produce a perfect ‘logarithmic’ decompression curve (regardless of patient size, weight or body structure) allowing the back and trunk muscles to relax ensuring the perfect decompression session each and every time.

Neck Pain and Headaches
Decompression Therapy

The doctors at Graybar Chiropractic & Rehab Centers have debated the different healthcare options available for progressive spinal arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Current cervical traction devices will typically apply traction using a halter or harness/slide mechanism and can place the cervical spine in uncomfortable end range flexion or extension positions. Being unsatisfied with these common methods, our doctors began the search for a solution. Their clinical research and persistence led them to the manufacturers of the VAX-D for the answer.

The G2 Cervical system uses the same mechanism of decompression that has proven to be such a success with low back pain. VAX-D’s cervical protocols provide precise programmable motion control and absolute accurate force sensing and positioning through computerized biofeedback. The tension applied to the neck during decompression is sensed by an electronic force gauge, and the information is transmitted hundreds of times each second to the operating system computer. The computer analyzes the data and makes the appropriate changes to the motion control elements allowing any of the treatment parameters to be changed instantly during the treatment.

The revolutionary Genesis G2 technology combines the application of neck tension in a logarithmic time/force curve with establishing an optimal ‘arc’ or ‘curve’ of the tension source in either a flexion or extension position. This truly allows the patient to comfortably relax the head and neck muscles during treatment, while the tension reduces the load on the spine. Most patients will be treated within a range of 10-38 pounds of tension.

Patients treated for cervical decompression are placed on the table in the supine (face-up) position, with their head at the tensioning end of the table. Patients receiving VAX-D cervical treatment are treated wearing a harness with a supportive cervical/neck collar. The collar is a critical part of the harness that is designed to allow some mobility of the patient’s head and neck during decompression, while providing the total support of the lifting system. Neck treatments last about 45 minutes, are extremely comfortable and the results haves been phenomenal (see VAX-D cervical success stories).

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We have helped our patients with:

• Back and Neck Pain
• Headache / Migraines
• Scoliosis
• Postural Deformities
• Shoulder Pain
• Fatigue
• Trouble Sleeping
• Low Metabolism
• Allergies
• High Blood Pressure
• Acid Reflux / GERD
• Asthma
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Disc Herniation

Why should I consider VAX-D Therapy?2017-01-15T23:32:12+00:00

These facts tell the story. The rest is your decision.

  • Up to 85% of the U.S. population will have back pain at some time in their life
  • On any given day 6.5 million people are in bed because of back pain
  • 5.4 million Americans are disabled annually due to back pain
  • An estimated 93 million work days are lost each year due to back pain
  • Only 20% of all back surgeries are successful after 2 years
  • The total number of spine surgeries in the U.S. approaches 500,00 per year


How is VAX-D different from traction or the other treatment claiming to decompress the spine?2017-01-15T23:30:16+00:00

This really is a simple explanation…a car and a bicycle are both methods of transportation. Spinal decompression and traction both create a static distraction of the joint space yet spinal disc decompression is clinically proven to reduce spinal disc pressure (see clinical studies-research). VAX-D therapy helps to relieve and prevent permanent nerve damage and strains on the spine due to the reduction of pressure within the discs. Traction devices can stretch the neck and lower back, yet there is no evidence to support the reduction of disc pressure or provide any long-standing positive prognosis to reducing disc bulge/herniation type injuries. Traction has been a very popular option for non-surgical neck and back pain for years but technology has advanced the science of decompression delivering safe, reliable life-changing results.

If VAX-D works so well, how come I haven’t heard more about it?2017-01-15T23:29:43+00:00

VAX-D is still a relatively new medical procedure with the initial work from Dr. Dyer dating back to 1998.  The therapy has worked for thousands of patients, and over 3000 patients per day are presently being treated with VAX-D therapy across the globe. Public awareness of VAX-D is growing every day as physicians and healthcare providers learn about VAX-D and the phenomenal results it has achieved in numerous clinical studies. As a result of the public need for alternative options to spinal surgery, VAX-D is now becoming the non-surgical standard of care for back and neck pain.

How much does VAX-D cost, and will my health insurance, liability coverage or workers’ compensation cover it?2017-01-15T23:29:20+00:00

Generally, the cost of VAX-D is about 1/10th the cost of back surgery. You will need to contact your health insurance provider to see if your policy covers the treatment. Our clinics are certified providers with most major health insurance carriers and we will gladly call for individual policy benefits.

How many VAX-D treatments will I need, and how quickly can I expect to get better?2017-01-15T23:28:50+00:00

The number of treatment sessions truly depends upon the clinical working diagnosis and the overall severity of your condition. Typically, one treatment session lasts about 45 minutes long while the number of sessions may vary based upon your present condition. Patients have noticed immediate relief of pain and symptoms after the first session. Most patients will also note that there is a substantial reduction in symptoms usually within the first week of treatment.

If I’ve had neck or low back surgery, can I still have VAX-D?2017-01-17T20:36:52+00:00

If you have had neck or back surgery that has failed, you may still be a candidate for VAX-D. Our team of physicians, Dr. Graybar, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Workman and Dr. Luxeder are all certified in spinal disc decompression and are trained to screen for successful candidates and are fully aware of any contra-indications to decompression.  In fact, a clinical study showed that VAX-D provides relief for patients who have had neck or back surgery.

“What is so unique about spinal decompression is the amount of relief that patient can get after a failed spinal surgery. There are patients that have been told that there are no other options and now with VAX-D there is more than an option…. there is a solution to their pain!” – Dr. Kevin Johnson

Will VAX-D help a slipped disc?2017-01-15T23:27:18+00:00

A bulging or “herniated” disc is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “slipped” disc.  VAX-D succeeds at treating bulging or herniated discs over 70% of the time. Please refer to (see clinical studies-research) for further research and published studies.

What is VAX-D Genesis and how does it work?2017-01-15T23:32:36+00:00

Every day whether we are standing, sitting or lifting we are forcing pressures from many different angles onto our spines. Pressures in the lower lumber spine can be as high as 180 mm of mercury during many common daily activities. Even when you are lying down at night sleeping there are still pressures placed on the spine. VAX-D spinal disc decompression therapy helps to battle the effects of gravity and pressure on the spine. The entire concept behind spinal decompression is to create a negative type pressure inside the disc reducing the pressure in the spine down to levels as low as -160 mm of mercury. This process ultimately reduces internal disc pressure thereby relieving the interference on pinched nerves. This concept is like “letting the air out” of a helium balloon and letting it slowly fall back to earth.

VAX-D disc decompression therapy is a patented medical technology that gently stretches the spine and decompresses the discs. In short, VAX-D disc therapy breaks the cycle of pain caused by bulging, slipped and degenerated discs and helps the disc and body to naturally heal themselves. Patients are treated fully clothed and are fitted with a harness that fits around their pelvis as they lie face up or down on our patented table.  A certified VAX-D technician operates the table from a computerized console ensuring that each session is consistent and delivers the required results.  Each session takes about 45 minutes.  Most patients find VAX-D to be extremely comfortable, and relief of pain can usually be noticed in the first few sessions.

I met Dr. Graybar in September 2008 because I was tired of the suffering from lower back and leg pain. dr. Graybar provided me with a plan of action that included the VAX-D and the Pro-Adjuster. I have followed his recommendation for treatment and my pain level began to decrease. At this time my treatments are ongoing, and I am happy to say that I am pain free. Thanks to Dr. Graybar and his wonderful staff my lifestyle has improved tremendously.

B. Jones

I am Jane Jones and I have been suffering from chronic pain since 2003; as a result, I have visited at least 25 doctors including Duke University. Dr. Graybar was the only doctor that showed me on x-rays my problem. My symptoms were low back pain and burning sensation in my buttocks. Also, I was very weak that I was not able to do anything around the house; therefore, I was losing my body strength to the point that i depended on a medical scooter for at least 3 years. Thanks to VAX-D and Pro-Adjuster treatments I now feel a lot better and I’m able to drive for the first time in almost six years.

J. Jones

I’m Tyrone Norris, a patient from Graybar Chiropractic since February 2009. I was experiencing severe and constant pain in my lower back, left hip and leg. Therefore, my daily activities were very limited and a good night’s sleep was impossible. The pain I was having become less with each VAX-D treatment and after only a few treatments the pain level went from 10 to 0. Thanks to Dr. Graybar and Dr. Johnson and the friendly and professional staff I can resume the activities I enjoyed prior to my injury. Its feel great to be allow to swing a golf club again.

T. Norris

I have been an active patient at Graybar Chiropractic since January 2008. I started seeing Dr. Luxeder for low back pain and numbness in both feet. My treatment consists of VAX-D Spinal Disc Depression twice per week as well as ProAdjuster and manual adjustments. This treatment has allowed me to continue my daily workouts and competitions in Jiu Jitsu. It has also allowed me to travel with more ease for employment and recreation. I use to have to stop every 100 miles due to numbness in my feet. Now, I can travel for hours before I have to get out and walk around.

C. Knowles

I have had low back pain and numbness for years. I called Dr. Luxeder at Graybar Chiropractic to learn more about VAX-D spinal decompression. She explained all the treatment options to me and how the disc decompression could help. After beginning care in her office six weeks ago, the pain and numbness is almost completely gone. I have my life back and was even able to enjoy a family vacation. VAX-D was the answer for me; it could be the answer for you. Call Dr. Luxeder at Graybar Chiropractic today to find out.

C. Smith

Newport Beach Chiropractic BioPHysics Certified Doctor

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