Chronic Back Pain: Causes and Natural Treatment Methods

Back pain is something that we don’t want to experience. However, researchers say that as many as 4 people out of 5 may have to deal with back pain at least once in their lives. The worst thing is that even normal back pain can evolve into chronic back pain which can lead to serious health effects. If you are not familiar with the term, chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts at least for 6 weeks.

If you would like to know more about chronic back pain, keep reading because we will discuss the potential causes and the natural treatment methods like chiropractic care.

Potential Causes

Identifying the potential causes of back pain is crucial for getting suitable treatment. This is because back pain is most often caused by an underlying issue that needs to be addressed for long term results. The most common causes are spine degeneration, strain in the back due to poor biomechanics, flexibility issues in the spine, spine misalignment, poor lifestyle choices (bad posture, sedentary lifestyle, obesity), and injuries (sports injuries, falling).

Natural Treatment Methods for Back Pain

Now that you are aware of the potential causes, it’s time to look for treatment. The treatment will always depend on the root problem that leads to back pain and chronic symptoms. The best way to discover the underlying issue is to consult a chiropractor. This is because they understand how even subtle changes in the spine alignment can cause problems in the nervous system and affect the patient’s daily life.

Most often chiropractors recommend the following pain relief options:

Chiropractic adjustments

Your chiropractor will often use spine manipulation to address underlying spine misalignments that affect nerve energy. With these adjustments, they can help restore your body’s ability to function and coordinate optimally.

Posture training

Good posture is necessary for good spine health and nerve flow. Therefore, it is often important to undergo retraining for better posture.

Alternative treatments

Before making adjustments to the spine, your chiropractor may need to use immediate pain-relieving modalities. These may include massage, electrical stimulation, light or temperature therapy, or ultrasound. This will help you get relief and better tolerate other treatment options.

Lifestyle changes

A chiropractor may also recommend various lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet, regular exercise (low impact exercises, core exercises, or stretching), mindfulness practice, or giving up smoking to help with a sustainable recovery. This is because all these factors can play a significant role in bringing long-lasting results to the patient and prevent the recurrence of the pain.

The advantage of these chiropractic treatment options compared to regular Western medicine is that they are all less invasive and focus on the patient’s overall health instead of offering temporary solutions with drugs.

Find a CBP Certified Chiropractor

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