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When you deal with pain, regardless of the source, you need relief. Traditional medicine doesn’t always work for your pain issues. Seeing a chiropractor near Burgaw, NC, could be the solution to relieve your suffering. Chiropractic medicine has helped millions find pain relief for centuries when pills and other therapies failed.

Graybar Chiropractic offers a wide range of chiropractic services for those living in and around Burgaw. Our convenient Wallace office location is near Burgaw, NC, which means you can take advantage of treatments near your community.

Why See a Chiropractor?

It’s common for individuals suffering from back, bone and joint pain to seek chiropractor treatment for musculoskeletal and nervous system issues. Chiropractors treat patients for headaches, lower back pain, muscle pain, neck pain and more. Countless individuals have benefited from chiropractic care after having little to no success with other treatments. A patient’s primary care provider or another doctor will often refer them for chiropractic service.

What to Expect When You Visit a Chiropractor

When a chiropractor realigns the joints and spine, the treatment can reduce discomfort and improve mobility. Engaging a patient in exercise helps strengthen muscles, improves joint health and increases mobility. Soft tissue therapy can help relax muscles and relieve tension in connective tissue. Chiropractors also recommend healthy dietary practices to promote a healthy weight and reduce pain-causing inflammation.

People of all ages benefit from chiropractic care. Headaches, pain after automobile accidents and sports injuries are some reasons individuals seek chiropractic treatment.

The First Visit

The initial visit with a chiropractor will be what you’d expect from any health care provider. Plan to provide your chiropractor with information about your medical history and undergo a physical examination.

Diagnostic Tests

The doctor may order X-rays, computerized tomography (CT) scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to obtain additional information about your condition. After evaluating your health history and the diagnostic tests, the chiropractor will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

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Three Phases of Care

We deliver your care in three phases to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes: relief care, corrective care and wellness care.

Relief Care

Relief care addresses pain and the need to get it under control. Relief care requires 2-3 office visits per week for 2-4 weeks.

Corrective Care

Correcting the spine and healing the muscles are two goals of corrective care. The treatment may last from three months to one year, depending on the severity of your pain.

Wellness Care

Once your body heals completely, it’s essential to maintain it. Wellness care consists of brief visits 2-4 times per month for adjustments that help you stay healthy.

Chiropractic Treatments vs. Medication

Chiropractic treatment can help patients avoid the pitfalls of taking medications to relieve pain. Pain medicine treats the symptoms but not the underlying conditions responsible for the pain. For those susceptible to opioid addiction, chiropractic care can be an effective and safe way to relieve pain. Treating pain with chiropractic care helps the body heal itself.

Specific Treatments

Some treatments Graybar Chiropractic offers include Chiropractic Biophysics, Vertebral Axis Decompression Therapy, Pro-Adjuster, Massage Therapy, Multiwave Locked System and treatment for sports injuries.

A woman undergoing car accident chiropractor therapy session

Chiropractic BioPhysics

Graybar Chiropractic is one of a few practices in the state trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics, an advanced scientific technique for restoring the spine to healthy alignment. The method uses anatomy and physiology, biology, geometry and physics to pinpoint discomfort, pain and mobility issues. Correcting the source of the pain helps individuals get immediate pain relief.

Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy

VAX-D stretches and relaxes the lower spine to relieve pressure caused by bulging discs. The patient lies face down, secured by a pelvic harness on a special table that separates and stretches the patient’s lower back. The patient regulates the stretching using special handles, and the stretching action retracts bulging discs to relieve pain.

A woman undergoing car accident chiropractor therapy session


Pro-Adjuster uses computerized technology to identify fluidity or rigidity in the spine. The device can then use light taps to adjust the out-of-alignment areas. The treatment is safe and effective for individuals of all ages, including young children.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can improve circulation, increase flexibility and mobility, relieve muscle strain and relax muscles. It can also increase stress-relieving endorphins, which can also reduce pain. Anyone who feels tension due to stress can benefit from massage therapy.

A woman undergoing car accident chiropractor therapy session

Multiwave Locked System (MLS)

Multiwave Locked System Therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment modality that stimulates the body’s healing using concentrated light energy to minimize pain and inflammation. MLS also provides relief for arthritis and other conditions. It can make a pain-relieving difference with a recovery time that allows individuals to get back to their desired activity level quickly.

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Athletes experiencing sports injuries often find chiropractic care gets them back in the game. Custom resistance training to improve muscle tone and spinal adjustments can help athletes find relief. Graybar is known for helping athletes recover from sports injuries.

Give Chiropractic Care a Try

If you or someone you care about is struggling with pain and can’t get relief from traditional treatments and medications, it’s time to see how chiropractic care can help you get relief. If you have questions about chiropractic treatment, we can provide the answers.

We accept insurance, and we’ll verify whether your plan covers chiropractic care. If necessary, we may be able to set up a payment plan. Feel free to download a patient application form from our website and complete it.

We work with you to get a diagnosis. We realize each person has different needs, so we’ll develop an individualized plan to address your issues and help you get back to doing the activities you enjoy. We can provide a report for the doctor who referred you with your permission. If you need a chiropractor in Burgaw, NC, our offices are just a few miles away in Wallace.

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Conditions Treated

Our chiropractors in Wilmington, Wallace, and Clinton North Carolina are among only a handful of doctors in the entire state, specializing in Chiropractic BioPhysics – one of the most scientific, published, and researched corrective care techniques. It aims to realign the spine, and eliminate the source of pain, headaches, fatigue, and a wide range of diseases.

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Headache / Migraines

  • Scoliosis

  • Postural Deformities

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Acid Reflux / GERD

  • Asthma

  • Tingling / Numbness

  • Fatigue

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Low Metabolism

  • Allergies

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Disc Herniation

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