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Aljuane Weaver
19:24 05 Mar 19
My son has been going since he was a newborn. Dr. King is wonderful with him. He feels the spots but she is so gentle he doesn’t cry (unless he’s tired 😉)Love Graybar!read more
Virginia Bovelsky
16:22 01 Mar 19
I’ve been seeing Graybar Chiropractic regularly for 18 years for maintenance care for my bad scoliosis. The doctors are each so professional while being friendly and caring. They will listen to any concerns I have about my back and even other health issues, many of which can be helped through chiropractic care. Kudos also to their staff. They take good care of each patient with similar respect, professionalism, caring and friendliness. I would recommend Graybar Chiropractic to anyone!read more
Rieta LeCato
17:20 22 Feb 19
Have just started treatment with the Graybar Associates and very impressed with all the doctors and employees. Very friendly and so helpful. Would give them a 10 if it were available. Thank more
Nicholas Nikitow
17:26 21 Feb 19
Both of my brothers are Chiropractors, one in Denver who is quite well known and another in Chicago who is VERY good. I moved from Chicago to Wilmington 3 years ago. Within a week, I missed my brother. I found a local Chiropractor, but after 3 years, I STILL had the same problems I had when i first started seeing him. Then I found Graybar Chiropractic (Dr. Johnson specifically). After just one visit, I was able to turn my head to the left WITHOUT PAIN...first time since I have been here. Dr. Johnson is AWESOME and I feel like I'm back in my brother's office. After just 3 weeks, I feel better and pain free than I have in 3 years!! If you are searching for a GREAT Chiropractor, look no further than Graybar. After seeing them, YOU will be writing the same type of review!!! Thanks Graybar for getting me back together!!!!!read more
Graciela More
13:37 13 Feb 19
I have been very impressed with all of the staff and doctors. This is a high energy, welcoming and competent staff. When you are in pain it truly helps to have a warm experience with people that know your name and personalize the experience. In particular Mel, E., Blanca and the doctors. I highly recommend this Clinic. G. Moreread more
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