Ways that Chiropractic Can Ease Pulmonary Hypertension
If you’ve never heard the term “pulmonary hypertension” before, you may be wondering what it is. Pulmonary hypertension is the medical diagnostic term for high blood pressure, which specifically affects the heart and the lungs. Many factors can cause pulmonary hypertension, including genetics, exposure to substances, and environment or lifestyle. If you receive an official diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, that means the body is probably under stress. Those with pulmonary hypertension typically experience strain in the heart muscle, as it has more difficulty than normal pumping blood into the blood vessels in the lungs.

Chiropractic care is a powerful kind of wellness treatment that is very complementary to standard medical care. Although chiropractic shouldn’t be substituted for medical care, it works cohesively to help create a full and complete wellness plan that can support individuals with pulmonary hypertension (among other conditions). Chiropractic is beneficial for supporting and increasing the body’s natural healing responses to illness and disease.

One of the best ways to approach chiropractic care is not as a cure, but as a treatment that helps to body to heal itself. While chiropractic can’t cure pulmonary hypertension, it can help to provide valuable support to the body’s healing process and contribute to higher wellness outcomes.

1. Chiropractic can improve nerve function.

Chiropractic care is the holistic care of the neuromusculoskeletal system. The neuromusculoskeletal system is made up of the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system.

When chiropractic treatment is delivered to the body, for example, a manual manipulation (adjustment) or traction, as the alignment of bones and joints is corrected, more energy and space for nerves is created. This is very helpful, particularly in situations where misaligned bones and joints are cutting off the space for healthy nerve energy to flow. When this happens, nerves can go numb, cause pain, become inflamed, and create a variety of other issues in the body. These malfunctions can cause pain and discomfort, which can be alleviated through regular chiropractic care.

2. Chiropractic can increase oxygen levels.?

When your expert chiropractor provides an adjustment or other form of treatment, your lymphatic system may be positively stimulated. This means that the adjustment can create movement and circulation in the body, pushing stagnant fluid out of the joints, muscles, and tissues.

With all the fluid that is displaced and moved as a result of chiropractic care, the stagnation that is preventing the flow of oxygen in the body is decreased. This can create an effect of detoxification and stimulation in the body, and as a result, can boost the body’s oxygen levels.

When stagnation is decreased through chiropractic care, the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body can have a much easier time functioning effectively. This can make it feel easier to breathe, improve mental clarity, and help to facilitate more rapid healing across the entire body.

3. Chiropractic can decrease blood pressure.

Did you know that the nervous system can help to regulate blood pressure? Chiropractic care can help to balance the electrical processes in the body by helping to balance the nervous system. The nervous system controls functions like heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to brain functions that relate to thinking, movement, and sensory perception.

When your expert chiropractor delivers an adjustment or spinal traction, the nervous system can become more balanced because of the therapeutic effect on the nerves. A chiropractic adjustment can help the area that is being treated to “reset,” reducing the pressure that is cutting off nerve circulation and reducing inflammation. When the body’s nerves are able to function optimally again, free of inflammation and strain, this can help to normalize and decrease blood pressure.

4. Chiropractic can lower stress.

Chiropractic care can help to rejuvenate various body systems. This can decrease stress globally throughout the entire body, improving the overall function of all body processes. Stress often manifests as inflammation in the body, over-tiredness and exhaustion, anxiety and other mental strain, and abnormal immune function.

Chiropractic can help to lower stress in the body and address all of these symptoms, by going to the root cause and helping to balance the function of the body’s systems.

5. Chiropractic can boost immunity.

Because of the therapeutic benefits of chiropractic care on all of the body’s systems, chiropractic can help to boost immunity. It can do this by improving detoxification of the lymphatic system, decreasing inflammation, and reducing stress. When the body is not stressed, it can function much more effectively and efficiently. Chiropractic care can help to boost immunity and help the body to resist infections, recover from disease, and correct chronic conditions much more easily.

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