Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy:
A Joint Solution to Pain Management

Massage Wilmington NCChiropractors treat patients suffering from a variety of pains, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, auto accident injuries, as well as musculoskeletal pain.  Chiropractic treatment often involves spinal manipulations as well as counseling regarding diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Additionally, a chiropractor will often prescribe massage therapy to treat existing pain and to help prevent injury. Massage therapists offer targeted massages to treat different muscles, soft tissues or specific patient issues. Massage therapy, when used as a component of a chiropractic treatment plan, helps  to increase circulation, relax muscles and reduce muscle strain, increase mobility and flexibility, increase endorphins which reduce pain, and relieve stress. 

As well as providing chiropractic treatment, the Graybar Chiropractic Centers also offer massages for patients. The Centers, which are located in Clinton, Wallace, and Wilmington NC, offer rehabilitative treatment for patients suffering from an auto accident injury, sports injury, back pain or other ailments. The centers also provide preventative and proactive care to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach athletic goals. The chiropractors at the Graybar Chiropractic Centers are highly skilled and committed to healing and helping patients with pain management in Clinton, Wallace, Wilmington NC and surrounding areas.

Treating Sports Injuries: A Winning Combination Includes Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care is generally known as an area of healthcare that focuses on back pain, neck pain, car accident injuries, and pain management. However, in addition to treating pain and helping with pain management, chiropractors also provide proactive and preventative treatment to patients. Patients looking to optimize their athletic performance or live a healthy lifestyle benefit greatly from chiropractic care. At the Graybar Chiropractic Centers serving patients in Clinton, Wallace, and Wilmington NC, the doctors have the training and personal experience to help patients achieve peak physical performance. Just ask the members of the Wilmington sports teams that the chiropractors treat including the Wilmington Hammerheads, the SeaDawgs, and the Tigers!
Patients can literally "Go Where the Pros Go."

When trying to attain a high-level of physical performance, both chiropractic care and massage therapy help athletes get the extra boost to reach their potential. In addition to proactively helping athletes and patients reach their activity goals, massage therapists also help speed the healing of sports injuries. Although a massage therapist may use several types of massage to heal a sports injury, the one most commonly used is aptly named a Sports Massage. The massage therapist focuses the massage and technique used on the area of injury and works to increase endorphin production to help the body heal itself.

As active athletes, Dr. Graybar and his fellow chiropractors offer the best in treatment and prevention for sports injuries and back pain for patients in Clinton, Wallace, and Wilmington NC. By offering massage therapy in addition to chiropractic care, the three centers are able to treat all types of pain, whether resulting from a car accident, everyday movement, or athletic activity. So what are you waiting for? Request an appointment today!

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